The goal for the game is simple: just get the highest score at the end of the game. But along the way there are some basic rules you should now.


The game board consists of a STATUS BAR on the top, with your and your opponents profile, score and info regarding who scored what.

The game board is 16x16 colored tiles, and 4 of the tiles has a STAR ICON on, and at least one shall be covered by game start.

On your LETTER RACK you have 7 letters picked randomly from a letter pool. Below the rack is listed, how many letters are left in the pool.

At the bottom the BUTTON BAR is shown containing:







All the LETTER tiles has a given value, that is used for calculating points. There are also 2 BLANK tiles with value 0, and this joker can represent any given letter


You can drag your letters onto the board, so they combined makes a valid word. You can lay it either horizontal or vertically (spelling from left to right or downwards)

The first word on the board must cover at least 1 of the 4 stars in the center.


The board consist of BLUE or GREEN clusters - 2x2 tiles. Below each cluster is 1 hidden bonus, that ads to the total value of the word.

GREEN bonus is DOUBLE word value.

BLUE bonus is TRIPPLE the letter value.
(The possible letter bonuses are calculated before any double word bonus are calculated.)

Below 2 random tiles on the board are a SPECIAL bonus tiles

- 1 that SUBTRACT the word score from your opponents score

- 1 that  DOUBLES ALL the letters value (so a TRIPPLE letter bonus can end up being x6)



  • Vortludo uses specially made esperanto dictionary - WITH primitives as legit words

  • The game chooses randomly which player that will start off the game.

  • Each player will from start receive 7 letters placed on the “rack”. The “rack” will be refilled with up to 7 tiles when you use letters in the game, until there are no more letter tiles left in the letter “pool”.

  • The total number of letter tiles various depending on the dictionary.

  • When all tiles are used the game is over, and the winner is the player with most points. You can also surrender at any given point in the game to finish it – but then you lose.

  • You have 48 hours to play a word, if you exceed this limit, you will lose the game.

  • The first word must cover at least one star in the middle of the board.

  • You can lay a word either horizontally (spelling from right) or vertically (spelling it downwards).

  • At least one of the letter tiles must be placed adjacent to an existing board tile (not the first word).

  • The letters have a given value which is set, and the sum of the word will be the sum of the letter values. A blank tile is a joker, and can represent any given letter, but will give 0 points to the sum of the word.

  • The board consist of 16x16 tiles, which is positioned in clusters of 2x2 in 2 different colors. A bonus tile is randomly placed in each 2x2 cluster.

  • Blue color tiles: a bonus of 3x (three times) the specific letter value laid on the bonus tile.

  • Green color tiles: a bonus of 2x (two times) the total word value.

  • Letter multipliers are applied before considering word multipliers.

  • If you manage to use all 7 letters at once you will get an additional bonus of 40 points after the normal bonus tiles are calculated.

  • Hidden bonus tiles: 2 additional “Flames” bonus tiles are randomly hidden throughout the game board, and if revealed will count as 3x the total word value.

  • A player can choose to swap one or more of his letters instead of playing a word, but only optional if there are at least seven remaining tiles in the “pool”.

  • If a player is unable to play any of his letters onto the board, he can instead choose to pass his turn to the opponent. If three passes are made in a row by the players, the game will end and final scores are calculated according to the finishing rules.

  • Finishing rules: Points on remaining tiles are subtracted from each player's score, then added to the opponent's score if he used all his tiles.


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